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Connecting Senior Citizens And Local Businesses

We are expanding The Senior Citizen Discount Card nationally. We are seeking professional Senior Consultants to join our family. 



Exclusive territories are available.  You will be working within your local area, developing long term relationships with Senior Communities and Local Businesses.

This is a rewarding career and a wonderful way to supplement your retirement income.



Contact us at:


or call us at (303) 841-9300 for more information.  You can start immediately and make income very quickly!




Career Testimonials:

I always tell others….If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Being a rep for the Senior Citizen Discount Card is a perfect fit for me because I have a passion for helping others. If you’re a giver and have a passion to help others, then this is the team to join! You’ll get back what you put into it. You can work for money or….you can work at your passion and the money will chase you down. The owner of SCDC is a diligent and  knowledgable woman who gives her best to her reps while expecting the best in return.
Jan S.
Senior Consultant

I joined this company because no one else has a program like this. I love this job! I get goose bumps just thinking about how we are helping the Seniors. I started with the idea of working 10-15 hours a week because I have another job but now I want to get up in the morning and get going so I am working a lot more hours than I thought I would and now I plan to quit my other job. I want to do this full time!
Ric L.
Senior Consultant


I am always looking for a way to supplement my Social Security and this has been perfect for me. I enjoy talking to business owners on the phone and they really are receptive to wanting to help Seniors like myself. We really do need the discounts with costs rising all the time and our income is fixed. The only time I leave my home while working is to visit our local Senior Center, have lunch and check on their supply of cards. This is a dream come true for our home budget!
John M.
Senior Consultant


Senor Citizen Discount Card has been a good supplement to my Social Security since I started working for you in 2013. Judy, you are the best person I have ever worked for. But I must end our business relationship as I have been diagnosed with bone cancer and will not be able to continue working. God bless you and Gary.  7-01-17
Keith O. Dehmer (Keith passed away on Aug 8, 2017 – we will miss him).
Senior Consultant