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Connecting Senior Citizens And Local Businesses

Business Testimonials:


“My name is Mike Leimone, owner of Papa Murphy's Pizza at Landfall, Wilmington, NC. I am reaching out to you to see if we could get some more of the cards for our Senior customers. This program has been a BIG hit with those customers!”    


“Thank you so much for reaching out to us. I look forward to an opportunity to serve the group. I would like to be listed!! Thank you again for the opportunity. Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help.”

- Blair Jordan, Owner - Christian Brothers Automotive - Spring, TX    

“Today I booked my first move from a contact met at your Senior Center Expo! Thank you so much.”

- Carrie Dewitt Partello - Eastcoast Moving – Shallotte, NC    

“The SCDCard is a real hit. We have been having a real acceptance by the Senior community and we couldn’t be more thrilled and we need more cards!”
- Brandon Korman, Owner - Tropical Smoothie Cafe  

“We are out of Senior Citizen Discount Cards already. If you can send additional cards, they will be very appreciated by our members.”
- Curves Owner 

“We would like to add on more areas. I am tracking our responses and I find this is the most effective advertising of all advertising we are doing for our business.”
- Walk in Bath Tub Owner 

“We are low on cards. I thought our average ticket would be $10 and it is more like $17. We are seeing 3-4 new customers a day”.
- Bakery Owner 

It’s about time that someone is helping the Seniors. This is a no-brainer. Yes, I want to be a part of this program.
- Electrician 

Thanks! And it is a pleasure to help with such a special program! We were very thankful you found us and invited us to be a part of helping the Seniors!
- HVAC Owner 

I tell every Senior about this when they come in. I tell them to go to the website and use all of the discounts. They were a little skeptical at first, but now they are telling everyone about this. We need more cards again this month – we only have 10 left!
- Fantastic Sams Mgr 



Senior Citizen Testimonials:

  “My auto repair man just told me about this. I need quite a bit of work done to my car. I didn’t think I could afford to do it all at one time, but now I think I can. Thank you!” 

  “I used another business this week. I am very happy”. 

  “I am buying a new home, but air conditioning is not included. I might as well use a company that will give me a discount, instead of one that doesn’t.”


  "How fast can I get a discount card? The salesman from the window company tells me I can get 25% off if I have your card. I have never heard of this. Are there other discounts I can use?” 

  “We can’t go to a restaurant very often unless we can watch our pennies. This is so nice. Thank you.” 

  “My veterinarian isn’t a part of your program. I want him to be a part of this. Will you call him?”