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Connecting Senior Citizens And Local Businesses

Our BBB “A+ Rated” company was founded in 2012 by owners who have reached their "Senior Years" and know how important it is to spend their money wisely.

The owners would clip and manage coupons to make their money stretch and always felt awkward when asking a business if they offered a Senior Citizen discount. They also noticed that very few businesses offered a discount unless they asked for it.  Perhaps it was because the employees of the businesses did not want to embarrass the Seniors by assuming they were Senior Citizens and could possibly be wrong. It was just an awkward situation for everyone so they knew something needed to change!

Senior Citizen discounts are available from national companies and chains through organizations such as AARP and AAA.  But not everyone is a member of AARP or AAA, so our company saw a need on a local level so every Senior Citizen can receive more discounts right in their own community.

After all, Senior Citizens have contributed all their lives.  It is time to get a little back....

Perhaps with a Senior Citizen discount, we can go out to eat a little more often.  Perhaps we can continue buying products and services we want, not just what we need.  The Senior Citizen Discount Card is FREE for those 60 and over and we know the discounts will help you.

Print and Carry your Senior Citizen Discount Card and Enjoy your Savings!